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Our self-storage development strategy has been and will continue to be focused in high-growth suburban locations of major metropolitan areas. Special emphasis is placed in areas where zoning for self-storage properties is either not available by right and/or requires the granting of a special use permit (SUP). These locations typically have higher than normal barriers to entry and provide superior investor returns.

Our development process is as follows:

  • Site due diligence
  • Zoning & site plan analysis
  • Building code analysis
  • Evaluating the land development approval process

Prepare time line for securing necessary jurisdiction approvals.

  • Project design
  • Facility configuration
  • Civil engineering plan approval
  • Architectural plans approval
storage facility

The development process also involves evaluation of the land development and entitlement approval process and prepares a preliminary time line for securing necessary approvals based on jurisdiction requirements. Every aspect of the development project is carefully managed including securing the necessary consultants, architects and civil engineers to prepare materials for the formal approval process. This includes preparing floor plans, unit mix, elevations, renderings and formal civil engineering documents to obtain the required municipal entitlements. Once entitlements are assured, architectural building construction drawings are prepared for permitting. Toward the end of this process, a formal detailed construction budget is prepared for lender submittal.

As specialists in self-storage development, 720 Development, L.P. is experienced in the complexity of bringing a conceptual project to completion. Whether an intricate entitlement project, a challenging self-storage development site or fast tracking the construction schedule, 720 Development, L.P. has been involved with all phases of self-storage project development. We excel at gaining self-storage use entitlements and approvals from local government agencies and creating design concepts that are architecturally pleasing, yet cost effective and functional from the customer’s perspective.

From initial site evaluations and market feasibility, to the final construction job walk through and business activation, 720 Development, L.P. is well positioned to handle all phases of the development cycle to include entitlement, approvals, development and business activation process.